Now that you made an investment to protect your house or business you may ask yourself: how do I protect my generator? At Generator Repair Service of Huntington Station our technicians are factory certified. We service brands such as: Generac, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Onan, Cummins, Caterpillar. At Generator Repair Service, our goal is to provide you the best professional service for your generator. Most manufactures recommend that you have your whole house generator tune up every 200-240 hours of use or once per year. New York Electric Company offers many different maintenance plans to choose from depending upon the size, type and response time.

With our Basic Generator Maintenance Plan we will come out to your location twice a year to inspect the generator for proper function, and provide a yearly tune up. For more information about our Maintenance Plan, Extended Warranty plans, Tune Up, Services and other products call 631-629-4840


Basic Generator Maintenance Plan Includes:

One Tune-up

  • Parts included: 1-oil filter, 2- spark plugs, 2- Qts of Synthetic oil, 1- air filter
  • Includes removal of used oil

Items Inspected & Recorded in our Maintenance Software

  • Battery condition, voltage, and water level, battery connections, spark plug wires, all gauges, air inlet and exhaust, engine governor/ actuator, generator output voltage for A phase, B phase and across A & B phase, hours on generator, condition of generator, last visit and work that was performed, run generator for 15 minutes, engage transfer switch if access is available and the client agrees to testing the transfer switch, check battery & oil warmer, the client will be able to see the report online with any recommendations

One Site Visit

  • Topping off the oil if needed, visual inspections of the generator, running the generator for 15 minutes, check all moving parts, check voltage output, log run hours. The client will be able to see a report online with any recommendations
  • Priority service over non plan members
  • 24/7 Separate emergency phone number


A la Carte Options:

Basic Tune-up 24/7 Emergency Number
Valve Lashing Replace Battery
48 Hour Response Time 24 Hour Response Time
8 Hour Response Time 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring
Software Updates Surge Protector Inspection
Oil Analysis w/ Report Transfer Switch Inspection
Online Access to Client Portal Additional Site Visits
Additional Tune-up Propane Fuel
Diesel Synthetic Oil
Coolant Yearly Warranty on Parts


We service all:

  • Portable Generator
  • Whole House Generator
  • Air Cooled Generator
  • Liquid Cooled Generator
  • Diesel Generator
  • Propane Generator
  • Gas Generator
  • Natural Gas Generator
  • Marine Generator
  • RV Generator
  • Mobile Generators

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